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  • J-TRANE - Juvenile Treatment Responsivity and Needs Evaluation - Version 5 - The J-TRANE assessment tool is a 18 item structured clinical instrument designed for male and female youth ages 10-18 currently involved in treatment for sexually abusive behavior. The assessment is not yet validated and should not be used as an initial risk or needs assessment tool for youth. It is not designed to be used with adults or younger children. The J-TRANE assessment tool is designed to be scored on a regular basis with youth during their treatment process. It is recommended that the J-TRANE assessment tool be used on a monthly basis during the treatment process and scored and reviewed by the therapist and the treatment team. The treatment team potentially consists of the youth, youth's parent(s), foster parent(s), relative(s), caregiver(s), significant other(s), social worker(s), probation officer(s), teacher(s), mentor(s) or anyone whom the youth identifies with or is a positive support in the youth's life. It was developed using Microsoft Excel 2010 technology and uses Excel 2010 functionality to automate scoring while presenting scored results in a educational and understandable way to youth and their families.
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  • A Group Therapy Program for Adolescents Who Sexually Harm - A complete 30 session step-by-step - session-by-session philosophy and guide to a group therapy program for adolescents who have sexually harmed.
  • Where we are at is better than where we were but is it where we really want to be?

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